Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Thoughts on how to see students baptized weekly. These are all simple thoughts but here you go -

1. Evangelism – Share the gospel in your ministry – I believe you have to give students the opportunity to respond to the Gospel.
2. Keep track of all Salvations
3. Follow up on all Salvations with discipleship – I believe the first step of obedience is Baptism that is part of the follow up process. (when a student’s gets saved we: send a letter, call them with in 48 hours and set a date for baptism)
4. Teach the students about baptism. (we do this in counseling and one on one)
5. Call all decision and set a date for Baptism - Baptism is not an option it is a command!!!
6. Have a Baptism service (Sunday or Wednesday) – this should be a time of celebration. Students should see Baptism Is exciting and not a dull moment!!!
7. Work Hard!!! Discipleship is not easy and takes work
8. Share the story weekly of changed lives.
9. Pray God gives you favor as you speak to students.

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