Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ideas to do Outside of Sunday AM

As pastors/volunteers we are always thinking of good ideas to do outside to Sunday AM here are some thoughts for youth pastors and volunteers.

1. Swim Party at your house
2. Attend sports events, band competitions, piano recitals, etc.
3. Have two or three students one night per week over to your house for dinner.
4. Take them with you as you run errands.
5. Stop by the place where they work (if it is a restaurant, ask for their table)
6. Hiking
7. Mall (i.e. help girls shop for prom dress)
8. Help them with home work
9. Make a big occasion out of their birthday with a dinner/party at your house.
(Pick one Sunday a month to have all birthdays over.)
10. Encouragement letters (Write 3 students per week)
11. Phone calls/texts (Make 5 per week)
12. Spades tournaments, board games, etc. at your house
13. Sleepovers as a group
14. Cookouts as a group
15. Basketball: 3-on-3 tournaments
16. Shopping trip to a nice mall
17. Bowling
18. Fishing
19. Everyone loves a milkshake!
20. Get together to play PS3 or Xbox 360
21. Text a student after their game or activity and tell them good job!
22. Go watch a College/Professional game together
23. Check up on last week’s prayer request. Send them a note/text/wall post and let them know your praying for them!!!

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