Friday, April 25, 2008


I am pasting an article i read on Love to hear your thoughts:

In March, the Parents Television Council analyzed 14 hours of daytime music video programming on BET and MTV and discovered explicit content (e.g., sex, language, and violence) occurred once every 38 seconds (95.8 per hour). It is 7.5 times greater than the rate of explicit content on prime time television’s Family Hour (i.e., once every 4.8 minutes).

Explicit Content on BET and MTV
48% sex>> once every 90 seconds
37% explicit language>> once every 1.7 minutes
10% violence>> once every 6.3 minutes
9% drugs use/sales
3% other illegal activity

The full study also includes a similar December 2007 analysis. Most agree that exposure to such content has negative effects on youth. It certainly influences teen culture.

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