Thursday, April 17, 2008

Speaking Plan for 210 Student Ministry

This week I rolled out a new plan to my staff on speaking schedules in our ministry. As most of you know one thing I love to do is speak to students and adults whenever I get the opportunity. I love to speak in our ministry as much as I can along w/ travel when God opens the doors.

The question pops up then do I do all the teaching in our ministry? NO!!! We have several great communicators that are on our West Campus Youth Staff. I have made it now where we will all teach about the same amount of time per year. It comes to around 32 times a year we will be speaking to the students.

Why do this?
1. I believe when you have A+ communicators all of you should be speaking as much as possible.
2. I believe you should change it up! I think when students get use to your voice they stop listening!!!! With this model they never get use to one voice. We will be on for a couple of months then off a couple of months.
3. We all have different styles. God has gifted us all in different ways. Those ways comes out in the way we communicate. This, to me, creates more of a healthy student ministry.
4. It gives each of us a time to rest. We should be rested more and prepared better when it is our time to speak!!!

If you would like to hear Jeremiah, Michael or myself you can podcast our JHIGH or HS

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