Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I did a talk the other day to our “Global Youth staff,” this is all our campuses youth team, on baptism. Here are the points I talk about:

This is a very simple step by step plan

1. To Baptize students you must first be excited about Evangelism
2. To Baptize Students you must DO Evangelism. Many people are excited to see students saved yet they never give them an opportunity… Some would say they don’t want to be “too pushy.”
3. To Baptize you must have an effective follow up plan. This includes an effective discipleship plan for the students.
4. To Baptize students you must have opportunities for them to be baptized. It is not if the students will be baptized it is when!!! With this
5. Last but not least you must turn around and tell the stories. As you tell the story other students will get excited about Baptism.

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