Sunday, May 25, 2008

Parenting Through Sports - Kyle Barlow

My good friend Kyle Barlow is a man I seek advice from often. He has great wisdom and leadership in family and ministry.

I was recently talking to him about when to plug my kids into sports and how to keep the main thing the main thing to them in playing sports.

Here is what he sent me:

I started a couple with Josh when he was 5. I do all now.
I look at josh and know its making a difference! It merges sports, faith and leadership.
I ask him these questions after every game:
1) Did you play for yourself or the Lord?

2) Did you personally encourage everyone on the team (including the coach) by name? – the team Leaders do this!!

3) Did you have a total sense of release of everything you had regarding effort and focus? Did you give EVERYTHING you had? (Even if played bad)

4) Did you thank the Lord for the outcome of game and ur performance and team?

5) Do you need to confess any attitudes of fear, laziness, jealousy or rebellion or pride?

6) What did you learn this time you will use next game? What can you do before the next game to improve?

7). Did you have fun? Do you love this game? (I give the high five)

8). (VERY IMPORTANT) I bend down - get his total attention and eye contact and tell him
#1: I am proud of you. You are my MVP
#2 I love you- your my boy!
This is a ritual between me and him. I always do it before he takes his uniform off. I'm telling you - it builds confidence, character and leadership. #6, 7 and 8 you can do next year with Parker. .

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