Sunday, June 22, 2008

Huge thanks and some Great Experiences I had over the past 2 weeks

WOW what a great past couple of weeks. Jeremiah Ramer (HS Pastor) and Michael Head (JHIGH Pastor) along with their staff’s did an amazing job at putting together an unforgetable experience for our students.

We had a great turn out and saw God do amazing things at both of our Beach Retreats. God showed us amazing favor to all of the hard work that both staff’s put into Beach Retreat.

I am truly blessed to be on such a great team!!!! We also work for two amazing men of God who are just A+ leaders; Keith Carmichael and Eric Hystad, and to those men we are grateful for their leadership!!!!

Dr. Young spoke at both Beach Retreats and he is simply amazing. The students love him. He connects w/ them and loves on them all week. It is a true blessing to have a Pastor who loves teenagers and wants to invest in their lives

I can’t wait to see all God does this next school year in 210 student ministry. I wish I could put in words what I believe is going to happen but I believe God is going to do the unspeakable.

I also had the honor over the past two weeks to speak to a few different crowds of teenagers.

I spoke to all the HS guys (9-12th grade) at our HS Beach Retreat. I spoke on how Champions are made when no one else is looking. - Here are two videos I showed to the guys - I had two others that I could not upload. I had a great time speaking to the guys...

I then spoke to our West Campus students at High School on the last night and spoke about characteristics that Hell has that we as believers need. It was a challenge to come back home and live for the Lord w/passion!!!! Jeremiah did an amazing job leading this service!!!

Then at JHIGH Beach Retreat I had an honor to speak on the last night to all JHIGH students out of, Heb 10:39. A challenge to stay strong for our Lord and to never give in or give up!!!! The JHIGH Staff led this service, which, if you know these guys, you know they know how to make it great!!!

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