Wednesday, June 25, 2008

God made me Funny - by McKenna

My wife posted this from her conversation w/ my little girl before bed time the other day:

Here is what she wrote:
Every night can get interesting putting McKenna Grace to bed... she is a little comic & at bedtime is her favorite "chatty" time. Last night as I was putting McKenna to bed, she was in yet another silly mood and I had just finished reading her a story and I began to pray with her when she said that she wanted to pray. This isn't a new thing - she has been praying for meals and at bedtime but last night she started using silly words that sounded like made up "gibberish" as part of her prayer, associated with outbursts of laughter... I stopped her and calmly said, "Sweetie, when we talk to Jesus it isn't a time for you to be silly & use funny words."To which she replied, "But Mommy, Jesus made me funny!"I almost burst out in laughter, although, we did continue our talk about her "comedy" coming across disrespectful at times...But it was so precious to me because we tell her all the time that she was 'fearfully & wonderfully made' - Psalm 139:14. I have that verse painted on her wall.It was just a reminder to me to have that "faith like a child" and to know that we are all uniquely designed by our Creator!

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