Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mark Batterson Recent Post

I love this post by Mark Batterson. AS a leader it is very challenging. I want to grow as a leader daily. Be challenge with me by reading this:

Every once in a while I like to share what I'm reading. I love to cross-pollinate by reading books in a variety of disciplines--everything from physics to philosophy to business.

Here are some learnings from It's not about the Coffee.

I read this because we're looking to expand Ebenezers into a coffeehouse chain. But I think it has applications or implications for spiritual leadership as well.

"If you grow people, the people grow the business."

I think we focus too much energy on church growth. I think it's all about personal growth. It's not about growing a big church. It's about growing big people--people who serve sacrificially, give generously, dream ridiculously, and love gracefully.

"The fundamental task is to achieve smallness within a large organization."

The way to grow larger is to grow smaller via small groups. I honestly don't think God will grow us beyond our ability to disciple people. And if small groups are our primary context for discipleship, then the number of small groups we have will determine our growth potential as a church.

"Have you ever been to an art museum and stood before a great work of art? It captivates you and transports you to a new place.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell used to call this epiphany an aesthetic arrest."I love that concept. And I've always believed that aesthetics are important.

Why else would a dozen chapters in Exodus be devoted to the aesthetics of the Tabernacle including the color of the curtains and the exact recipe for the incense? So we need to pay attention to aesthetics whether it's a coffeehouse or a church.

But I couldn't help but think about the aesthetic arrest we'll experience when we cross the space-time threshold; get our first glimpse of heaven; and kneel at the feet of Christ.

And by the way, I think a spiritually charged atmosphere that is full of faith and grace is the ultimate aesthetic! Read I Corinthians 14:25: "They will fall down on their knees and worship God, declaring, "God is really here among you." That has always been my goal for church."At Starbucks, all employees are called partners."I think language defines the way we think about things.

For example, pro-life and anti-abortion are two very different ways of describing the same thing. Different connotations. Do we need a new vocabulary or a new term for what many of us call volunteers?"We started opening our stores ten minutes before the posted time as a way to say yes to customers even before they placed their order."I love this!

When I played football it was called Lombardi time. If you weren't five minutes early you were late. I think it's part of creating an extra-mile culture! By the way, imagine everyone who attends your church arriving five minutes early one Sunday. What a thought!

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