Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All day planning Meeting - 210 Staff

We had are all day fall planning meeting today. Very productive and I can’t wait for the fall.

What do we do in an all day meeting?
1. Evaluate where we are as a ministry
2. Evaluate where we are going as a ministry and are we on track.
3. Be Honest – if we are doing bad in 1 area be honest about it
4. Make the calendar work for us. Plan out so that we are working together in our JHIGH and HS ministry to have the greatest impact. This is easy if you just set down and plan
5. Have fun
6. I had specific things about our ministry I wanted us to spend un-interrupted time on and doing this type of meeting you have time to do this.

We covered a lot and planned a lot. Keep checking out the blog and the parent blog to keep up w/ our ministry. I truly believe God has amazing things in store for our student ministry and the staff is ready to follow what God does in our ministry.

I truly am blessed to work w/ the men and women on our youth staff it is a true honor!!!

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