Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Brief Look into 210 Student Ministry Fall Semester

Our team has been working very hard to plan out where we are going this fall. Here is a brief look into where we are going. Some of this could change but I believe God is giving us a plan and vision to see great things take place.

Here is a little look at the spiritual plan of our ministry. We have a lot of individual events planned throughout the year also that I will blog about as we do them.

August –
Preach in our High School Ministry about the Armor of God

September –
1. We will start an 8 week challenge called the “youtube challenge” this will be a small group/collision group challenge we will do using youtube.
2. We will preach a series called “Friday Night Lights”
3. We will have a day for the High School Mascots during this series.
4. We will have 210 best dance crew challenge

1. We will continue the youtube challenge
2. We will preach a series entitle “Youtube Broadcasting your life”
3. We will be uploading a lot of youtube videos along with some encouragement daily by the 210 staff. You will not want to miss this
4. We will have “The Fall Rite” on a Wednesday Night. This is an event I will write about soon. It will be an event that will draw in a lot of students
5. Following “The Fall Rite” we will have 2 bands in our HS and JHIGH ministry that following Sunday

We will be preaching a series called “The Story of God.” We will teach from Creation to Jesus… This will be a great series!!!

December –
We will do a series built around Christmas

As we do each series and event I will explain more of what we are doing and why we are doing it. I believe you should have a vision and purpose for your ministry and then have a plan to accomplish that Vision.

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