Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Experience before "The Experience"

What is your experience before “the experience?” “The experience” is the time of worship, whatever that entails for you. The time the students enter the room to engage in worship, game, speaking or videos. We focus on this time a lot and evaluate it every single week.

But what about the experience before “the experience?” How often do we forget about the greeters, what is on the screens in the lobby, do you have all the game pieces, are all the games turned on, is it easy to check in, can a visitor find where to go fast?

I have found we have let this area of our ministry slip away over the past couple of weeks. So here are a few ways in which we are going to focus on making ourselves better before schools starts.

1. Greeters at the door. We have some amazing students that do this but we need more and we need more consistency.
2. Plasma TV’s – Right now we just do Power Point backgrounds on our screens. They are done well but I want us to add some video’s in-between our slides.
3. Being Intentional – We can not forget that on Sunday’s and Wednesday the work needs to be done and delegation should have already happened. We need to hang w/ students and connect w/ them why they are on our campus.
4. Discipleship Program – are we taking care of the students God blesses us with? I will type more about our discipleship program we are doing soon. I believe it is going to be A+

All of these things are the experience before “the experience,” but we believe are very important. The second teenagers enter the doors to our student ministry they are developing an opinion about the ministry so we must help make that a good opinion.

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