Friday, July 18, 2008

Failure - Is it an Option?

Failure is sometimes a scary word. I tell my team all the time when you fail (because we will fail) always fail forward. (yes my last post was a lifechurch post also) wrote about this: Check it out – you can click on the 3 areas to fail in and get the articles that pertain to that topic

Here is what they wrote:
We have consistently told our team that failure is not an option…it’s a
requirement. But is that really true? The other day I had a good
friend challenge me on that after I was significantly upset about some failures
that affected our weekend experiences. He asked me to reconcile the
statement that failure is a requirement and my apparent lack of tolerance for
failure that weekend. The answer is that there are different types of
failure— some that are necessary for success, and others that can and should be

The rest of this week I’d like to discuss three different types of failure:

Failure to try
Failure to execute

Failure to succeed

What has been your experience with failure? How has it changed your life?…or has it?

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