Thursday, July 31, 2008

How can you Text your Students -

Here are some great places where you can begin to text all of your students. Texting is today’s e-mail. We text are students strategically throughout the year. David Drennon and our IT department have built this into the church software we use.

Remember you do not want peoople to get use to a text and ignore it (remember it is today’s e-mail). As they get a text from us we want them to appreciate it so we try to be strategic when we text them.

Here are couple of websites to go to so you can start texting all your students:

Find out a lot more on David Drinnon's Blog - IT Pastor for Second Baptist Church Houston

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Brit said...

nice new look!
and great resource. i still do the mass text: from the old cell phone. this could save a lot of time. what do you guys use??

ps. brian i don't use Blogger i use my