Saturday, August 9, 2008

Casey Alexander - What did she Learn this summer?

What have I learnt from my summer as an intern?

1. How we can remain relevant in order to relate to our teenagers yet not compromise our core beliefs and values. I grew up in a very traditional church that didn’t branch out very much from their pattern of youth work doing the same kinds of events over and over again and of course this wasn’t very successful. Yet, I have seen firsthand at Second Baptist that we can reach our youth with the Gospel message that is unchanged, with an ever changing approach to successfully engage with people who need to hear the message of Christ.

2. The importance of knowing when to open my mouth and when to keep it shut. I have seen time and time again that a listening ear can be just as needed as any kind of advice I can give. So many teenagers appreciate the chance to off load whatever is in their heart and they just need a window of opportunity to do that.

3. I have learnt the value of the small tasks that contribute to the overall event. Although they may seem tedious at times or of little value, without them something would be missing from the big picture.

4. Before my internship I had not worked in a male dominant environment, and adjusting to that has been a good learning experience. It is well known that the male and female’s approach to work is very different and that has been very evident to me.

5. I have seen the utmost importance of maintaining my own personal walk with God, because I have seen how as soon as I have started to rely on myself for strength my agenda has broken down. On the other hand, I have also seen how God has worked through me when I have been listening and been obedient to what He was asking me to do. I have had firsthand experience of the giving process that goes on in ministry and if you are not filled on a daily basis by time in the Word and in prayer, then failure is not that far around the corner.

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