Monday, August 4, 2008

Cody Jenkins - What has he learned?

I have asked all of our intern's to submit to me the top 5 things they have learned or been challenge with this summer. I thought I would share them with you:

Cody is a Senior @ Texas A&M... Here is what he said:

Top 5 Things Learned or Challenged With

5. Friday Night Lights --- it has been a constant theme this summer for our staff to embrace our culture within Bible study as we went through “Pop Goes the Church”. We were able to use this kind of thinking as we watched the entire second season of “Friday Night Lights” searching for the realities of our students lives within this fictional television show. Throughout the watching process my eyes have been opened to the amount of pain and flat out junk that students deal with each and every day.

4. Students Need Constant Guidance --- the importance of a constant guide or model for students to look to and talk to is great. Regardless of the “spiritual” maturity discipleship is a must! Finding the most effective way about this is extremely difficult, as there is a wide array of maturity levels. With this new discipleship class there is a great future for young believers, but even still it takes a constant encouragement from our staff, their friends, their parents, etc. for these students to truly understand the importance. There is always room to improve ourselves in this area, and it has to be a team effort!

3. Why Is It That We Fall --- one of the first things the interns were told was not to be afraid of failing, but when we fail, we need to fail forward. Not only when we fail or fall because of our own doings, but also when we face trials and sufferings brought to us from the Lord. As we have ended the summer with a series on the book of Job, we have discovered that God allows us to suffer and face trials for our own good, because he loves us enough to take us through trials since those are the times that we grow the most. We were able to learn through the lives of both students and leaders of how sovereign and faithful God is to us through those struggles.

2. Intentionality At All Times --- as we began one day discussing relationships and being intentional in those relationships, I was very adamant on the need for intentionality with every student, only to be back to reality later that afternoon. After that discussion, I found myself wanting to catch up on sleep instead of hanging out with a student. After ending up hanging out with that little group of guys, I was humbled and reminded that while being intentional is very necessary, it is a huge challenge for myself and the rest of our staff, much less our leaders and parents.

1. Flexibility --- in the words of Brian Mills, you’ve got to be flexi flexi. I had this on my mind coming into this summer, and regardless of how much I tell myself of the amount of flexibility I will need every day, I was constantly being stretched. On Beach Retreat being flexible is the name of the game, but the amount of flexibility needed on Beach Retreat was just the beginning. Just as we began the summer needing flexibility, we ended it the same way when we were asked to have a large role in helping out with the Chinese exchange students. Regardless of the circumstance, one of the largest challenges of this summer was the need for constant flexibility.

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