Monday, August 11, 2008

Core Values for Small Groups/Home Groups

John 10:1-10
“We're not a ministry with Collision Groups/small groups, we're a ministry OF Collision Groups/small groups!”

10:1 Protect the Flock:
The Devil is like a roaring lion. He will give all our students a way to compromise their testimony. We must be committed to calling, hanging with and praying over the flock daily.

10:2 You are the Shepherd:
God has given you the privilege to take care of a Collision/Small Group of his sheep. You must be committed to be there for the sheep on a daily basis.

10:3 Call them by Name
Don’t look at your class as a group of kids or as an X number of individuals that you are responsible to minister to, look at them as your own. They are the students God has blessed you with and you need to call them by name, not “hey buddy” or “hey man.” Kids love it when you know their name.

10:3-4 Ministry Outside of Sunday morning.
“…leads them out. When he has brought out all his own…” Have fellowships, go to football games or take them to lunch once a month. Step outside of the walls and let the kids know you are interested in their lives.

10:4 The Sheep should know your voice:
Call every sheep twice a month so they will know you. When you call they should know your voice.

10:5 Have a Relationship with them.
The paradigm is changing and so is youth ministry. You can no longer be driven by EVENTS. It's got to be driven by
RELATIONSHIPS. Students come on Sundays and Wednesdays because of relationships not because they just feel they should.

10:10 Pray:
Students enter a world of temptation, frustration and new excitement every day. There is a battle going on daily for them. They need you! You must pray over the flock daily.

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