Sunday, August 17, 2008

Deep End Discipliship Material

Eric Hystad has lead us to write Discipleship Curriculum for Second Baptist Student Ministry. We have called this material Deep End.

Deep end walks you through:
How to Spend Time with God

Our JHIGH was taking new believers through this material on Friday’s. We also do a class on Sunday AM @ 9:30 for JHIGH and HS. I find it very important for students to go through this material so they may be equipped to stand strong in this world we live in.

Michael Head, 210 JHIGH Pastor wrote about the students going through deep end. Find out what he said HERE. He used this quote by a students:

Heyy this is adrian.. from deep end.....
I thought Deep End was amazing. It really helped me get closer to god as a
personmyself and realized that everything on earth.....doesn't matter. When
wedie all our earthly possessions and objects won't matter. All that matters
isgod...and your walk on Earth with him. I learned what things can bring youdown
in life. Hanging out with the wrong friends and staying too late with a
girlfriend is a trap that Satin lays out for us to step in. It can ultimately
lead to a major sin that you would regret. The devil puts us in all these
temptations to lead us away from god. But when you're strong with god and you
have god on your side...the devil cannot win. You have already won the
fight. Ever since Deep End...I've been feeling a lot more on fire for god
and I just keep wanting more. I can't stop wanting more. I need more. Through
this bible study...more of my friends have been able to see god's glory and some
have gotten closer to's amazing. Deep End has alsogiven me better
Leadership...and through that I influence my friends to see godand how amazing
he is. I have helped several friends out now with their problemsthat they are
struggling with and eventually help bring them to plugged-in andcloser to god
overall. A lot of my friendships have gotten stronger sinceDeep End. I can
talk more openly about god and it's great. I've also met a lotof new friends and
help them know god better. Well since I learnedthese 6 different
lessons....I have changed a lot. Things I cared a lot about before, weren't as
important to me anymore. It's such an amazing feeling. I've been praying a lot
more andreading the bible and I've been able to understand god's word a lot
better. I've been able to bring others closer to Christ through what I've
learned atDeep End. To just can't get any more amazing than that. I
have learned to live my life to serve god. What else canI say? Deep End was
simply mazing...

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