Monday, August 25, 2008

Encouraging Each Other

God has really challenged me as a leader through this question: Do I encourage failure? Not just give permission to fail but do I encourage it? When someone comes to me with an idea that might work or might not work do I laugh? Do I criticize? Am I quick to speak and make fun of the idea?

I wonder how many people leave work laughing and smiling when on the inside they are hurting and sad because they believe everyone is laughing at their ideas or thinks they are not good at something. Maybe at work you do not mean to treat someone this way but because you feel comfortable with them you do!!!

The bible teach us to be quick to listen and slow to speak. We know that we should encourage each other daily and lift each other up.

To be a trend setter you must take risk and to take risk you must have a leader give you permission to do so. Am I an encouraging leader that pushes to be a trend setter or am I a leader that simply talks big but when it comes down to it, due to my actions or words, I do not encourage my team to go for it? What a great question!!!!

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