Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family and Ministry lessons I’m learning

1. Your wife is number 1. (Date Nights are so important – yes I need to be better at this and more creative, Watch the kids and let you wife have fun with her friends – now this I’m good at,
2. Your kids are next. No event, No Meeting, No speaking engagement or anything is more important that gymnastics, dance, football games, birthdays or anything you kid is doing. My mom and dad never missed one of my games!!!
3. You might be successful in reaching students but if you are not a successful husband or dad then you are not successful!!!! What good are you if you have the love of a bunch of teenagers and your family is left behind. That is not success in my eyes
4. Attend worship with your wife – Jennifer and I try to do this 100% of the time. No we do not always succeed but it is of great importance.
5. TIME – Remember time is the best thing you can give your wife and kids – There is always ministry that can happen wait until tomorrow it is ok!!!
6. Cell Phone – Ok I need to work on this also. You pay for voice mail for a reason and you do not have to answer every call (Unless you are Ministry on Call) Set the phone down and spend time with your family
7. Turn the computer off – I use to come home huge my kids and wife then get on my computer. Not good!!! If you have more work wait until your kids go to bed and you have given time to your wife and kids!!!!
8. Listen, Listen, Listen
9. Have Fun!!! Laugh a lot together!!!! Don’t take life to serious have fun as a family. Build memories as a family!!!! If my kids one day say that they love coming home, that would put a smile on my face!!!
10. LOVE – COMMITTED!!!! Never forget the Love Commitment you have made to your spouse!!!

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Katie Christensen said...

Well put. Good realizations and I am sure Jennifer would agree as well! Looks like you've discovered the keys every woman wants her man to know but are convinced he'll never discover. Implementation might be a bit harder, but once you master it..could you start teaching classes on it? I'd be more than happy to gather your first class of guys for you : )

Katie Christensen