Monday, August 18, 2008

Rules are key for children at home - School is Starting!!!

I thought this was a great article on this past Sunday. Dr. John Sargent said a powerful sentence when he said this: “I would like to see children – middle school and high school children – have a significant commitment to something, beyond academics and video games.” (see the whole article:)

In student ministry I believe it is a huge responsibility not just to encourage students to attend, bring a friend and go home. We should push our students to serve in the local church. YOU ARE NOT A LEADER UNLESS YOU SERVE!!! Let the teenagers see that they are significant to the local church!!!

Do we just define student’s as leaders b/c they are popular or because they are truly making a difference?

Parents you lead your students from home and church we must partner with that leadership and raise up the next generation of servant leaders.

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