Saturday, August 30, 2008

School Year has Started

As you know 210 student ministry has a very hard work staff along with some amazing volunteers and students.

Thought I would give you a little insight to what we have been up too with the start of the school year and HS football session.

We have visited every school already
We have begin to work with several football teams, cheer squads, bands, etc… in many different ways.
This past weekend we have already attended all the local HS games that were here (Michael is actually is at a game (Cinco Ranch HS) in San Antonio right now)
We have contacted PTA Presidents, Administration, FCA and many others about working on seeing what God can do this fall…

I believe to have a successful fall or spring semester in student ministry you must get out of the office an onto the school campuses (Just be sure you obey all rules)

Be proactive this semester!!!!

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