Friday, August 15, 2008

"Slow down to Speed up"

I listen weekly to a power principal by Jeb Blunt.

He recently spoke about the principal of Monte Roberts, “slow down to speed up.”

My life get’s going really fast sometimes. I have e-mails coming in, text messages backing up, voice mails I have not checked, appointments I have to make and messages I have to right.

Many times I will try to just speed up to catch up. But when I speed up Frustration steps in, Mistakes happen and it seems as if my life is chaos.

Here are 3 principals Jeb gave to “slow down to speed up:”

1. Prioritize when life gets busy.
Create a task list. On top of that list should be #1 to stop and spend time with God every morning. If you are too busy for that you are too busy and it is no excuse.(here is how i do it) #2 on that list should be your family. You can get so busy and in the process of trying to keep up you blow off your family.

2. Remain Calm:
People love to “freak out.” Remember in this mist of the storm slow down, look at what is coming your way, speak to God about it and then run the race. Slow down to speed up

3. Stop and Make a list:
IN the mist of a busy schedule and life style where you juggle many projects all at once there is no way your mind can stay on track. Make a list and follow the list. Slow down enough to make the list then you will be able to run faster… you must slow down to speed up!!!

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