Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thoughts on Worship

Some things I have heard and thought about for worship leaders over the past few weeks: (some learned from Pastor Steve Seelig)

Tyler Hennessee leads our student bands and I would say he is one of the best. He could say a lot more about this but I will give it a shot and have him write a post soon!!!

1. Don’t forget the back ½ of the room. It is easy to get focused on the 1st couple of isles but what about the back row? (great word for speakers also)
2. Are you singing in a key that everyone can sing?
3. Do you just sing the songs that everyone sings or do you make them your own? Be Creative!!!
4. Are you being creative in the instruments you are using?
5. In Student ministry to have the best you must start young. Are you just looking for talented students/adults that are older or are you investing in the Jr High students who will be able to lead the band in just a few years? It goes back to the principal of reproducing yourself!!!
6. Is the lighting/sound to the best of your ability? How can you make it better weekly?
7. Practice, Practice, Practice

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