Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I really like this idea I read on Youth Ministry Geek.

It is simply a 12 second video you can make.

Youth Minsitry Geek gave these ideas to do for a video:

1. Quick announcements

2. Daily/weekly devo

3. Goofy videos of the students

4. Student of the week - maybe they can give their acceptance speech (make sure to spread the love and get everyone on video)

5. Ask the youth worker - answer the students questions on a regular basis

6. Ask the student - you ask a question you want answered

7. Event/Class Teaser - Promote an upcoming event with a short teaser about what they can expect (maybe even “cut yourself off” at the end right when you were going to reveal the big secret)

8. Meet the youth coaches - have the youth coaches (other adults who help) share a little about themselves

9. Recap of last lesson/message - you would be forced to really narrow down your focus, because you only have 12 seconds

10. Tip of the week - it could be a parent tip, youth worker tip, teenager tip or a tip for any other group you can think of (ie. 1 tip on how to contact a student during the week - for the youth coaches)

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