Monday, September 29, 2008

Alcohol Energy Drinks

Michael brought this to my attention today.

If you are a parent or involved in teenagers lives at all you need to check this out.

You can see a PPT by clicking here or you can read an article here

Here is a clip of the Article:
Public health and safety officials have become alarmed by the newest entry into the world of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic energy drinks are prepackaged beverages that contain not only alcohol but also caffeine and other stimulants. Earlier this year, 29 state attorneys general signed a letter to Anheuser-Busch expressing their concern about Spykes, an alcoholic energy drink packaged in colorful 2-ounce bottles with obvious appeal to youth. The objections of law enforcement officials as well as parents and leading public health organizations caused Anheuser-Busch to pull Spykes from the market. But the story does not end there. Many other alcoholic energy drinks are still on the market.

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