Friday, September 19, 2008

Flag Football Leads a boy to Christ

This past week Michael pulled together some JHIGH students to do a little flag football since all are out of school.

As we began to play a group of boys rode up on their bike and wanted to play. We let them in and then invited them to our Wednesday night service.

Several of them showed up along with one of them giving his life to Christ.

I wonder if we had told those boys they could not play if that one boy would be a believer today? What if we had not decided to go out and play football that day?

You never know who you will meet. Remember to always walk slow through the crowd and pay attention to each person you meet and then always extend the invitation for them to join you at your church. You never know who will come and give their life to Christ.

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Steven Grim said...

That is a WOW story! Awesome! Praise God!