Thursday, September 25, 2008

Making the most of our opportunities -Part 1

I have not given any “Eric Hystad Wisdom” lately so I thought I would list a few things over the next few post that he challenged us with in one of our meetings.

1. Always have someone proof read your blog for spelling. (OPPS I think I am failing in this area. I am now looking for a proof reader.)
2. Help your team members to be successful individually .
3. Assist them in understanding and living within our (your) churches – “culture”.

4. Communicate Like Crazy.
5. Set individual goals and meet with them once every 6 months to review how they are doing to achieve those goals.
I personally have never thought about this before. I love this idea.
6. Work to their strengths and work on their weaknesses
7. Listen to what they say and what they don’t!
8. Teach and train them for better results.
You are never too busy to invest in your greatest resource. Don’t be afraid to repeat important principles over and over again!
9. Make sure the office rules are clear and sensible.
10. Demand absolute loyalty and kindness in all staff relationships.

Another 10 will be coming soon....

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