Thursday, September 4, 2008

What 210 Means to Volunteer Gayle Halvorsen

We try to upload the stories of our volunteers and students on our parent blog often. Here is a recent post we uploaded that our good friend Gale, who has done so much for our ministry, has to say about 210

I look at my life just a year ago and I can’t believe what changes and answers
to prayer God has faithfully brought about just for me— let alone 210 Student
Ministry!I had reached a point of professional burnout in my life, and my
struggle with infertility had taken its toll as well. I was dealing with so much
stress-induced physical pain, fear, and anxiety that I decided to quit my job
altogether not knowing what I would do next. Fortunately I am blessed to have a
supportive husband who was there by my side to make that possible. I can
remember driving home from work on the Katy Freeway crying, pleading with God to
let me use my talents for him. While I love the work that I do as a television
writer/producer, the stress wasn’t worth it anymore. I needed more and I needed
a major dose of serving God again.The first thing I did was immediately reach
out to the Youth Ministry at Second. I have a passion for teenagers, especially
J-Highers, and have worked with them many times in the past but not for several
years. The timing was perfect as only God can make it. Brian Mills had just
begun with his vision for the ministry, and Jeremiah and Michael were coming on
board. I can remember my first meeting (AKA Kelsey BBQ) as a volunteer and being
truly inspired by what Brian said God was going to do with this 210 Student
Ministry. It was absolute confirmation for me that God was leading me to be a
part of this ministry. My plan was just to be a volunteer leader for the kids,
but apparently God had a bigger plan that included answering my “Katy Freeway”
pleadings. He even delivered all the video equipment to the 210 Student Ministry
staff just in time for me to get started. (Did you know that 210 Student
Ministry is currently the only department in the church besides the media
department itself that has its own professional video editing equipment.) I can
honestly say I have never worked harder or longer at making videos than now, but
also never felt more rewarded than now. Let me quickly add-- it’s not all me
though, it takes a lot to keep relevant with the kids—Brett Davis, Michael Head,
and others bring a lot of media talent to the team as well.I almost thought
Second was going to become my new profession because frankly I can’t imagine
doing anything other than the video volunteer work I’m doing now, but once again
I must have been limiting God’s plan with my own. Instead the training, new
skills, and contacts made from all my volunteer media work with 210 over the
past 8 months has led me to launch my own media business—something I would never
have dreamed just a year ago that I would be doing—and it’s even included my
husband becoming a big part.The 210 Student Ministry Team has been incredibly
instrumental in rebuilding my professional confidence and in strengthening my
relationship with Christ. I love them all and thank them for the opportunity to
serve. The ministry is growing and kids are coming to church and coming to
Christ. It is ‘utterly amazing’—and the wall came down! Wow! I love the verse
Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these
things will be given to you as well.” It’s like Christianity 101, but for me, I
still really have to focus on it to stay on track. So if you’re reading this and
can relate, maybe you just need to come to a complete stop in order to get going
in the right direction again.What does 210 Student Ministry mean to me?
Everything. As a student in one my videos once said “I can’t imagine my life


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