Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Teach Teens to Spend Responsibly

I thought this was a great article by the Wall Street Journal. Teens definitely need to learn how to spend money. Debt, as we all know, is a huge problem in America. What are you doing today to teach your teens?

I want my kids to know 4 things well:

1. Tithe First - 10% of their total income should go to the church. Teach them to Give to God!!!

2. Pay your Self Second - 10% of what they make should go into some kind of savings acct.

3. Pay your Bills Third - Don't spend all your money on your self before you pay your bills. Make teens pay their insurance, gas, cell phone why you have them young. Let them make mistakes under you so you can teach them. Otherwise in life they could get way behind and not know how to get out of trouble.

4. Have fun on the rest

Teens should see their parents living this way also!!!

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