Monday, October 13, 2008

Parenting by McKenna Grace Mills - 3 years old

I had a great challenge today by my 3 year old daughter McKenna. She said and I quote: “your hard to play with because you are always busy on the computer.”

WOW!!!! Slam on me and yes I’m even typing out my confession. I love to play with my kids and even have made a strong effort to not be on the computer that much at home but as you see I’m still struggling with this.

I promised my daughter I would improve and yes I will!!!! Remember you are to parent for the future. I need to raise my kids in the way they should go.

Do I want my girl one day spending too much time on a computer when she could be building relationships with her family? NO!!!!

Let me ask you, where do you need to grow as a parent?
Are you listening to your children and growing from them?
Are you willing to admit your mistake and make a change?

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denise lopez said...

good word daddy-o Hey great to see you last week--just like old times sitting in the big dog's office--except his office is a little nicer now! (o: