Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Parenting on the Internet:

This video is a must watch. What is on the internet and are we pay attention to our teens? Some parents will be scared by seeing this and tell their teen they should not be on youtube, not be on facebook, not be on myspace, but is that the answer?


The answer is parenting your kids on the internet. Does your teen have a computer in their room? Are your teens able to get on line in a private setting? We as parents cannot get lazy when it comes time to parent our teenagers. We must remain a parent and not just a friend.

One person on this video by the Today Show said this, “Parents don’t know what Is going on.”

Here are some tips on parenting through the internet:
1. Spend time on the internet alongside your teen
2. Keep the computer in an open area.
3. Join facebook/myspace/youtube and be friends w/ your teens. If your teen does not like this take it away from them. They need that accountability!!!
4. Buy some monitoring software and put on your computer.
5. Follow David Drinnon blog because he always has some good advice about what is going on in the tech world.

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Catherine Markert said...

I completely agree. Thanks for being active in spreading the message of protecting our children through feasible means.
Catherine Anne Markert