Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The 12 - Leadership Tips for Volunteers

We have recorded another edition of The 12. You will be able to podcast the new episode here soon.

We have changed track 3 now to me giving a leadership tip to volunteers.

On the new episode I am talking about how volunteers are leaders of leaders. All of our volunteers in our ministries lead our students. The students who are in small groups are normally our leaders. Sure we have those in small group that are not our leaders also, but all of our leaders should be in a small group. We place so much trust and leadership to our volunteers and we should train them to lead the leaders.

I am giving the example out of Exodus 18 with Mosses and Jethro. Jethro came in and lead mosses in this passage. He was a leader of leaders.

Here are my main points. To get all the content podcast the 12.

1. Jethro was Interested – (18:8)

2. Jethro was Encouraging (18:10)

3. Jethro was Honest (18:19)

4. Mosses Listened (18:24)

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