Monday, November 24, 2008

Be Intentional in Follow Up

I received an e-mail the other day to hit more about Being Intentional in Follow UP.

Here are a few thoughts (Just for you Noah - Keep up the great work)

Follow up on all Visitors:
My policy is all visitors should be contacted within 48 hours.
Phone Call from Youth Pastor
Letter from Youth Pastor
If interested a phone call from the small group leader inviting them to the small group.

Follow up on All Decisions
Again the Policy is all should be contacted within 48 hours
Effective Decision Counseling before they leave the building
Phone Call from the Youth Pastor –
Letter from the Youth Pastor
Facebook/Myspace wall post
Baptism time set – The Bible does not say do you want to be baptized!!! It is not a question! Set a date and a time.

Follow up on Students who have missed small group more than 3 weeks in a roll.
Personal note from Youth Pastor
Facebook/Wall Post saying we missed you the past few weeks in small group
Phone call from small group leader

I believe we are to take care of what God gives us. That means we have to work hard on follow up. Students who visit our ministry should be contacted asap, students who make decisions should be challenge to be Baptized, those that miss often need to be invited back. Effective student ministry takes time and work.

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Noah said...

Thanks Brian.
I need to get on it!