Monday, November 17, 2008

Conference @ First Baptist Church Orlando

Today we spent a lot of time discussion student ministry. Here are a few things we discussed:

What can we do to help youth pastors? These are 4 principals youth pastors should receive in the beginning of their ministry.
1. Understand the Calling
2. How to develop a Purpose/Vision
3. The Importance of Self-development
4. Multiply your Influence

Here is a Priority List for communication: I also wrote about this topic HERE
Use the Word of God (Open the Bible not just on the screen)
Application (in small groups too)
Plan and prepare, study to teach (quiet time has to be separate)
Equipping your Leaders to teach “Multiply your Influence”
Teaching Team Expectations (can’t lead from a distance)

Here is who is at the small conference.
Keith Harmon - FBC/O
Jeff Hessinger – Florida Baptist Convention
Will McRaney – Florida Baptist Convention
Chad Reeves – FBC/O
Todd Carr – First Callahan
John Sanders – Celebration Baptist Church
Jeff Scottsdale – Madison Street Baptist Church
Boyd – Lakeland
Jeremy Nottingham First Baptist Brandon
Shawn Vickers Westside Baptist
Jay Gibson – FBC/O Daytona Beach
Van Nouslor- FBC/O Naples (Liberty)
Rolls Hernandez – Westside Baptist
Nick StoyerEastside Baptist Church
Brad Smith – New Port Richie
Paul Turner - Lifeway

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Jeremy Nottingham said...

"YES" you put my name on your Blog. Your the man!! It was great getting to hang out with you this week. Hope to see you soon.