Friday, November 14, 2008

Parenting through the Pressure of Sports

I found this article the other night and thought it was great. As football is wrapping up and basketball is kicking off I am always in a conversation with a student about sports and the pressure that sports put on today’s teens.

I love sports and I love competition. As parents we have to not forget to parent our kids through the pressure of sports though. Here is an article to check out.

Few points from the article:
· Teens play sports because they're fun! Make sure it remains fun for them.
· Encourage young athletes to pursue other sports and non-sport hobbies if interested. It's okay if their interests lie elsewhere.
· Kids need time to relax, don't push them beyond their abilities.
· Attend your child's games, but remember there's a good reason coaches are on the sidelines and parents are in the stands.
· Not every athlete can get a scholarship, and even fewer will make it pro.
· Discuss and set realistic goals together with your teen.
· Provide and model a healthy view of winning and losing.
· Help your teen understand the dangers of using supplements.
· Talk with your teen; they want to discuss their athletics with you!
· Pray for young athletes who are facing more pressures than you probably realize.

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