Thursday, November 20, 2008

Starbucks w/ Jay Strack

Keith, Chad and I had Starbucks today with Jay Strack. It is so great being around great leaders and learning from them. Here are a couple of thoughts from our coffee break today:

I asked Jay today as a young Leader what are some things to remember.
A. Promotion from Above:
Remember that God does the promotions not man. Keep it a God thing not a man made thing.

B. Passionate Commitment to Keep Growing
Leaders are always growing. IF you stop growing you will fall behind. Keep growing and keep learning. Read Books (Jay Recommended “The Lunar Man”)

C. Must stay on personal development plan.
Keep learning Time and Event Management.

D. You Are the Brand
Remember God is branding you so keep making it all about God. Surround yourself with other men and women who will stretch you and challenge you to be better.

Just a quote:
“Once you reach 40 it is about the next generation so start investing”

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