Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Volunteer Job Description's

Over the past year we have worked hard at developing a solid volunteer structure. We have seen our volunteer base double over the past year and have put together a plan that is A+ for small groups and service times.

I thought I would share a little what we do with volunteers for a “service”. This is something that is sometimes a little harder to pull off saying, what can volunteers do?

Here are a few job descriptions that Jeremiah has done in our HS ministry. Just click on the job description you want and you are able to check it out.

Check In

We are about to add 2 more coaching positions soon.

Here are a few others you might like. We did not write all of these. A lot was compiled from stuff I have seen or have written. Just thought it might be useful so here you go.

Option 1 - Leaders book
Wednesday Volunteers
Volunteer Training Book

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