Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What does a Staff Meeting with the 210 Staff Look Like?

Book Review –
We ready 3 books a year. One in the summer, one in the fall and one in the spring. I then divided out the chapters and each staff person talk in staff about their chapter.

Week Review –
Here we talk about all that we did “outside of the office” the week before. This is a great time of accountability and push each of us to be better.

Review –
Each week we review our week’s numbers along with follow up and baptism.

Agenda –
I have an agenda for our weekly staff meeting we go through. I believe it is important to give everyone an agenda when you have a meeting. Otherwise you simply look unprepared.

In leading a meeting I believe you should:
1. Be on Time – Honor people’s time
2. Have an Agenda – Be organized and prepared. You stay on track this way
3. Have Fun – Stay on track but have fun also. We all need to laugh.
4. Don’t for get to spend time in prayer.