Sunday, November 9, 2008

Youth No Longer Defined by Chronological Age; Consumers Stay ‘Younger’ Longer

This is a very interesting article. It talks about the youth age going all the way to 35 years old.

This is a small part of the article.
Three Stages of YouthThough those between 25 and 34 remain youthful, there are some important differences among them and their younger and older counterparts. The study identified three distinct stages of youth: “Discovery” (16-19 years old), “Experimentation” (20-24 years old) and “Golden” (25-34 years old), and found that the youth market has grown to include all three as the differentiation between traditional demographic groups has become blurred through lifestyle choice and spending power.

I’m not sure if you have read walker moor new book “The Rite of Passage Parenting,” but it would defiantly challenge this article.

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