Friday, December 12, 2008

210 Student Ministry Stories

Here are a few stories from 2008 from our student ministry. I shared all of these stories at our Adult Christmas Party to let our volunteers see that God is really doing soemthing "utterly amazing..." in 210 student ministry.

I thought I would put some on my blog:

If you have a story I would love to hear it. You can send me an e-mail or send it through facebook on how God has used Second Baptist Church and 210 student ministry to impact your life.

We watched 560 Students be baptized through 210 student ministry in 2008

GIO - She was praying and had wrote on these cards for her friends to accept Christ and at Fall Riot Gio came running up and was so excited that her friends had accepted Christ and she is weekly bringing friends and God is doing huge through her.
This happen w/ many other students
Katlyn Jordan / Shea forcade // Andy Blessing had the same story along with many others

Mom - That accepted Christ because of Jeff invited a friend the friend accepted Christ and then the mom came to Michael's office to say thanks and then she ended up accepting Christ.

School - I was at a school and talking to a student (James) and they poured out their heart about their life I said come to church tonight to plugged in. They came to plugged in and accepted Christ and then has had massive life change ever since and have brought so many of there friends.

Football - Attended a JHIGH football game and as I am sitting watching the game a mom came up and started crying saying that her daughter Ashley, has been a different person ever since she started attending plugged in. Because of the change in her she is now coming to the church and she loves it. Grew up in a catholic background...

Football - Attended a football practice and gave the kids popsicles and as I was doing that I was telling a student about the Fall Riot, so he came to the Fall Riot and won the JHIGH football toss then a little later accepted Christ....

Jesse comes from a broken home and has been in and out of jail. He is known as a "bad boy" around school and frequently drinks, uses drugs, and gets into fights-he is only 15 years old. Fall Riot- Jesse accepts Christ into his life and desires to change his life. A month after Fall Riot Jesse is baptized and starts being mentored. He has since stopped drinking and using drugs and has started working to save money for his family.

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