Monday, December 29, 2008

Leadership Thoughts Part 6

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Part 2
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And now Part 6

1. Practice, practice, Practice
2. Hard work pays off – Just watch the Olympics
3. Always pay attention to what lessons you need to learn.
4. Try something new, even if it is “not you.”
5. Be sure you change your programming often.
6. Bigger and better is not always best, but improving weekly is!!!
7. Spend time with others.
– You can learn from everyone.
8. You never know who you are talking too. One day he/she might be a small business owner, leader of a small church/youth ministry etc.. The next day he/she could be one of the most influential leaders in their field.
9. Write down what you lean.
10. Never think your marriage is perfect. Work on your marriage and make it better daily.

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