Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Take outsiders and turn them into insiders

That is a phrase Dr. Young used last night. He is referring to all the new people we attract into our small group, they are not insiders.

They don’t know the inside jokes, they don’t’ have all the friends, they don’t know what to laugh at, they don’t have the memories…

So as a small group leader or as a pastor leading a ministry or just as an someone who comes weekly to a small group class we should work very hard at making outsiders insiders.

Love that challenge!!!

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Michael said...

I would like to invite you Brian, to our Plugged in Service this is a service we have for Junior High Students grades 7th-8th. We meet at Second Baptist Church West Campus in Houston, Texas it is on I-10 between Fry and Greenhouse. It is from 7-9pm in the Junior High Room