Sunday, December 7, 2008

Volunteer Christmas Party

We do an adult Christmas Party the first of December every year. We try to do it early before all the other Christmas parties start. This is a time for us to tell stories and reflect on 2008 and to giveaway some nice stuff to the people that give so much to us.

I believe we should bless them for all their hard work and commitment to the Lord and investing in the next generation. Where would we be with no volunteers?

Here is what our party looked like:
We found Baby Sitting for all the volunteers.
The Baby Sitters went to their house so it was easy on them.
Everyone Bring Food (Pot Luck) Student Ministry brings the meet
6:00 Show Up with Food
Everyone gets a nametag w/ Number
Music playing
Merry Christmas Slides
6:15 – Welcome and Blessing –
6:45 – Giveaway -
Lights go off the pre set a spot light to show on 2 people.
Thos 2 people get the giveaway Fliped Video Camera –
6:46 - Split them playing Battle of Sexes
6:50 – Trivia – Random Giveaway –xbox 360
7:00 – Texting Challenge - Winner gets tree prize –
Random Giveaway – Espresso Machine
7:10 – Singing Bee – Winner gets tree prize –
Random Giveaway – Blue Ray DVD Player
7:25 – Brian Talks 7:35 – Giveaway –

Here are some Picts (view more pict's here)

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