Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What kind of Leader are you

I keep Leadership Thoughts written down on my computer. Every time I get reminded or learn something new I put it in this document.

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I wrote down these styles of leadership the other day.

1. Are you a “Bully Leader”?
These people want to come in tell you what to do and you go do it. There is no discussion. They normally do not have an agenda in a meeting because they don’t want others to be ready for what is coming their way. They might let you speak your mind but at the end of the discussion they expect you to do what they say to do no matter what. To work for this leader you must be a strong leader and be willing to take a strong stand when necessary. This leader will normally respect that.

2. Are you a “Insecure Leader?”
Every time this leader makes a decision they are scared about it. They will not take huge risk simply b/c they are afraid they will be fired.

3. Are you a “Independent Leader?”
They are in it for themselves. They will even play ball on a “team” but in their minds they are setting themselves up for what is to come. They never give credit where credit is due and they always will leave out their superiors in a discussion so that they look good.

4. Are you a “Timid Leader?”
Scared to do anything. This is the kind of leader the Bull Leader love to hire. They are a leader just very timid in their leadership and will never have a dreamer work for them.

5. Are you a “Team Leader?”
This is one that is not in it for themselves but in it to make their whole team look good. They are normally a leader of great leaders. People love working for this kind of leader especially high profile strong leaders and the TEAM Leader is not afraid to lead anyone.

6. Are you a “Critical Leader?”
This is an easy one. This is the leader that never encourages and finds a problem with everything. He/She will read a book and slam it before they learn from it. They will lead their people by telling them all they did wrong instead of what they did right…

7. Are you a “Delegating Leader.”
This is the leader that does not want to do any work. They will delegate everything and then go play a game of Golf. They are not really around enough to lead their TEAM. They simply attending meetings and that is really the only time the staff see’s this leader. .

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