Monday, March 16, 2009

Done God's Way!!!

This past Saturday Jennifer and I attending Kimberly Hystad (Eric’s Daughter) and Herschel Day's wedding. They are now Kimberly and Herschel Day.

Eric, during the vow part of the wedding, shared what anyone with a little girl hopes to share at there girls wedding one day. I pray I can share some of these key points at my daughter’s wedding one day.

She remained faithful to her Lord throughout her life.
She is marring a young man who remained faithful to His Lord.
Both parties saved themselves for each other.

Kimberly looked at her father as if he was her Hero.

I pray for McKenna and Parker and their spouses daily and that they remain pure and holy in God’s eyes.

It is great to be at a wedding where two parties did it God’s way and have a respectful FEAR of God.

Great wedding!!!

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