Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leadership Thoughts from Today:

Here is something I shared with my staff today and was great reminders for me…

1. Who is the Head Honcho?
When talking about the chain of command there is always a head honcho but when working on a team we should all be “head honcho’s” in our field. If someone is better at a certain trait than I am who should be the head honcho. My job as a leader is to know what my staff is good at and let them do it and lead.

2. Don’t be a Politician Youth Pastor
How often do we show up then leave? Shake a few hands, say a prayer maybe smile big and then just leave and don’t stop to take time to build relationships with the people. Relationships are KEY!!!

3. Do you feel like you have freedom to be cut loose?
As a staff member you should feel you have freedom to win or lose to succeed or fail but either way we will do it together. Go for it and see what happens.

4. Motivation and encouragement is better than Dictatorship and Demanding

5. Vision Casting is better than demanding

6. Why are you in Youth Ministry?
This is how we ended the talk today. It was great!!!

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