Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Talk @ Metro 2009

Today Mike Taylor and I lead a decision on "How to make Multi Site Student Ministry Work"

Here are 7 Points I spoke on that we do @ Second:

1. We are better together than we are separate.
* Finances - we save in so many ways when we combine resources
* Ideas and creativity - the giving away of ideas - really works!
* Accountability and motivation - nobody wants to be a slacker when others on the team are busting it.
Baptism, Salvation, week to week reach out.
* Encouragement - we all need it at various times ...

2. Church "buy in" is greater when strong ministry is done "globally". The more we have worked together, the people have taken notice. That is not easy in a very large church. We have never before had the exposure and promotion like we do now. Because we are " all in", we have also commanded more support in personnel and budgeting.

3. Leadership is everything. Our goal is to hire leaders and let them lead. Give them the resources to do their jobs, put other leaders around them, let them challenge and equip each other, and watch what God does! On a "global level" we have made it our goal to get the right people in the right seats "on the bus". When that happens, great things are bound to happen. (This is not only true for our paid staff, but for our volunteers as well).

4. Don't hold too tightly to things. We are not afraid to move our team members around as needed. Each of our campuses has a distinct "flavor", and as team members gifts, skill sets, and passions change, we want to have them right where they fit best. This also eliminates "territorialism" and encourages an "all in this together" spirit.

5. Communication is the key to success. The level of communication is raised every time a new campus is opened. Someone has to be the "pont person" to make sure everyone is up to speed. (For us, that person is Lauren Hall). Lack of communication breeds assumption, and assumption kills you every time!

6. Someone needs to be the cheerleader for each of the campuses. What constitutes success at one of our campuses might not be the same at one of the others. But all are equally important and their work needs to be noted and promoted to church leadership and family. Part of my role is making this very thing happen

7. We pride ourselves on each campus to be “Uniquely Similar.” We have the right on each campus to have our own name, have or own vision and have our own plan while working under the authority and leadership of Eric Hystad and Second Students. Each campus has to fit their area and not try to be like the other we must be different yet the same also. We are 1 church but in different towns.

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