Thursday, April 23, 2009

Youth Ministry Legends - In My Opinion

This week I had the privilege to spend time with some of the greatest youth pastors in America. Many of these guys I learn and grow from and it is a blessing to spend a week with them. I was challenge in many different ways. You can see some of what we discussed on

Here are a few names of some guys that I believe are legends in student ministry and I love spending time with them and learning from them. Each of these has been in ministry for a long time and God has given them great favor. I get asked the question often who do I follow in ministry. Well here are a few of their names:

Jeff Lovingood at Long Hollow Baptist Church

Shawn Smith at FBC Springdale

Steve Wright at Providence Baptist Church

Phil Newberry at Bellevue Baptist Church

Jerry Royal at FBC Wichita Falls

Randy Hall Founder of Student Life

I have respect for all Youth Pastors and learn from everyone no matter the size of their church. If you are a youth pastor near Houston Texas and we have never met I would love to meet you sometime. Give me a call.

Love to hear who you follow. I have so many more guys that I know who are in the trenches getting it done and God is blessing them. Maybe sometime I will share all of their names.

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