Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do you Treat people Like VIP's

I believe when someone walks into your office, home, church or anywhere in which you are the leader then your team around you should treat them like a VIP. When visitors come to our student ministry or to my office I hope they feel like VIP’s, because when you feel like a VIP you talk about it and it develops a great memory in your mind.

When you visit a 5 start hotel or attend an event as a VIP I think of a few things that happen.

1. You are welcomed by the Vale Parking Staff.
They open your door, unload your car, walk your luggage in and then go park your car. Sure you give them a tip not because you have too but because you appreciate their hard work. They do all of this with a smile no matter how rude you are. You never hear complaints, although you know the probably do, and you never seen them make fun of you for being high maintenance.

2. When VIP’s walk up to a desk they get immediate service with upgrades.
VIP’s always get accommodated with their wishes as long as they are possible to be done. You get the room you want, the table you asked for, the food order is never messed up and again it is always done w/ smiling faces and people who make you feel special. Why? Because you are a VIP.

3. When you ask for something as a VIP you get it.
When you ask can I get a towel they don’t say sure they are over there! They simply say sure sir and they hand you one. You don’t have to move. Matter of Face most of the time they ask you before you can even ask or expect. Why? Because you are a VIP!!!

4. Most VIP’s pay for very little
This is because people want to impress them and take care of them. Maybe for something in return but they never say it is for something in return. They simple treat you like a VIP because that is what you are.

I could go on and on but the point is when people come to the office or into our church do they feel like a VIP. Do visitors feel like VIP’s?

1. Do we get up from our desk with a smile on and stop what we are doing to help someone out no matter what they are asking?

2. Do we act “too busy” to help or do the visitors get that “vibe” from us?

3. Making people feel like VIP’s means we have to go our of our way just for them. Are we selfless enough to do this? Are we willing to be a servant so someone else feels special.

Again I could go on and on but the fact is when people come to our church or our student ministry I hope they feel like a VIP because to our creator that is exactly what they area. Jesus came to serve not to be served. Yet so often we act like we are here to be served and not to serve.

Let’s show Christ to others by treating them like VIPs!!!!

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